Are you looking for a Tahoe Truckee real estate agent? When you plan to sell your home, one of the most important decisions you have to make is choosing a real estate agent to represent you. With hundreds of agents promoting themselves, how do you know which one to choose?


Hi! I'm Tilly Mezger,  Lake Tahoe Truckee's best Realtor®. In this post, I'll share with you why you need a real estate agent, what home buying mistakes you can avoid when you hire a real estate agent, and more.




Here are the things we'll be covering in this post. Feel free to click on the topics that interest you the most. 


  • Do you really need a real estate agent?
  • Dispelling some misconceptions about real estate agents 
  • Top 10 traits of real estate agents
  • Home buying mistakes you can avoid when you hire a real estate agent


Do you really need a real estate agent?


There is an ongoing debate whether homebuyers and home sellers need the help of real estate agents. 

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Some home sellers believe selling their property on their own without the help of a realtor is their best option to save money.


Others prefer the convenience of working with real estate specialists, knowing their valuable investments are in expert hands.


Protect your real estate investment


Selling your home yourself can be complicated. Many things go into the process that a typical homeowner wouldn’t know. 


Some people may have succeeded in selling their property by themselves, but not all will experience great success, nor have an easy and smooth transaction. 


Home selling is not just about marketing your home on social media and real estate platforms. It involves extensive knowledge of the local market, awareness of real estate laws, exceptional management and negotiating skills. 


Here are some things to think about if you are selling your Tahoe Truckee property.


1. How to price your home correctly?


Your home’s listing price determines if it is will sell fast or stay on the market for a long time. 


2. How to market your house for sale? 

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Your property needs to be listed on the Multiple Listing Service, a database where real estate brokers provide accurate information about their properties for sale. The MLS efficient informs all the other brokers about the different properties available in the market.


3. Who is going to show the house when you're at work? 


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Are you busy working out of the area during the week? Are you running your business from your home office? Either way, you know how annoying it is to have interruptions in the middle of a conference call. 

I will be there to show your home for you. 


4. Are you familiar with the local laws and requirements for home selling?

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Home selling is not just about posting a For Sale sign on your yard, finding a buyer, and handing over the legal documents. There are legal forms and documents which will need to be executed.


5. Selling your property as-is versus traditional. 


Your house’s physical appearance matters when it comes to selling. A great first impression is very important.  


6. How to negotiate as a seller?

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Negotiating as a homeowner can be tricky. As a seller, you may feel insulted when you receive low ball offers. Do you have enough time to be preparing counteroffers? 


When you’re managing different businesses or busy growing your business, it can be difficult to find the time to sit down and prepare counter-offers for your house for sale. 


You need an agent. Not just any agent, you need the best real estate specialist in the Tahoe Truckee area, and that’s me, Tilly Mezger. 


Dispelling some common misconceptions about real estate agents

Best Tahoe Truckee Real Estate Agent - Learn which ideas about real estate agents are right with the help of Tilly Mezger, best Tahoe Truckee agent.

You've probably heard some impressions about real estate agents. Here are 10 common misconceptions about agents and why believing them can hurt your real estate journey. 


1. You don't need real estate agents anymore since all listings are online. 


I’ve discussed some of this at the start of this article. Many people think that our work as property agents is limited to helping you find or sell homes. We do more than that.


As your Tahoe Truckee agent, I also help you gain a better understanding of the local market. I have the skills and experience to guide you through the entire process of home selling. Find out what I can do for you here:


2. Real estate agents hide information from clients. 


As a Realtor®, I have to abide by the Realtor Code of Ethics which prohibits me from lying to my clients. If your house is in need of repair issues, I will disclose it all to the potential buyer. 


It is important not to hide any information because all problems will show up during the home inspection. Hiding problems will also cause you problems during the closing, and the potential buyer may withdraw his offer.  It is also against the law to purposefully withhold any defects in the property to prospective buyers. 


3. Choose an agent with a low-commission to save money.

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This common belief is most likely perpetuated by real estate agents who are trying to attract new business. They offer their services for lower fees, but that's only because they're not getting enough business. 


The truth is, you don't save any money when you hire an agent with low commission. You'll likely get poor service. Top real estate agents like myself work hard and have enough homes to sell so we don't have to worry about lowering our rates. 


4. Real estate agents keep all the commission.


One of the reasons some people choose to sell homes on their own is because they think it unfair that the agent gets to keep the commission. Things don't work that way.


What happens is the commission is paid to the agent's brokerage company, which in turn pays the agent. The brokerage takes a portion from that commission ( to be able to continue running the business), and then the agent gets the split. 


5. Real estate agents are only after the commission. 


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Many people think that the reason why real estate agents stick to their job is because of the commission. That may be true for some agents, but for most of us and especially for me, it’s really because I wake up each day knowing that I may be able to help someone find the right home.


It gives me great satisfaction to help my clients. That’s what keeps me in the game, knowing that I am directly impacting people’s lives and making them better. 


6. A real estate agent’s job is easy. 


Top Tahoe Truckee Real Estate Agent - Avoid confusion and stressful real estate journey with the help of Tilly Mezger, Tahoe Truckee's best agent.

Anyone can be a real estate agent. But not everyone can be a great real estate agent.


Many people think that a real estate job is simple, especially since you don't need a bachelor's degree to earn a real estate agent license.  However, this idea is so far from the truth!


When you think of the amount of work that goes into ensuring that you as my client will have a smooth real estate experience, you'll be surprised.


From researching to preparing legal documents, to making sure the transactions run smoothly, not to mention the pressure of working with a demanding client, a real estate agent’s job is not easy. 


7. Real estate agents will do anything for a sale. 


While it is true that there are agents who will lie to clients just to get them to buy or sell a property, most of the agents I know value integrity more. This problem is not limited to real estate agents alone. It’s spread throughout different fields and various niches. 


It is unfair to judge all real estate agents because of one or two unscrupulous ones.


When a buyer comes knocking at my door seeking help to find the right house, I recommend properties that match their needs. If the current market has no properties that close to what the buyers are looking for, I tell them honestly and don’t push for any sale. 


If a property is in need of a major update, I tell my clients honestly. Any misrepresentation or false information I give will come back to me and may even cost my license. 


8.  Real estate agents are uneducated


Perhaps the reason why this idea is perpetuated is you don’t need a college diploma to be a great real estate agent.  Or it could also be that people think the reason we choose to become agents is because we have no career path to follow. Whatever the reasons are, this misconception is unfair.


The truth is, most agents and specialists are university graduates. Many of us chose to be in real estate as a full-time business because we like having control of our time.



Home buying mistakes you can avoid when you hire a real estate agent


We all make mistakes. Mistakes are a part of life. But there are mistakes that must be avoided, like real estate mistakes. 


Whereas other mistakes may make you feel embarrassed, real estate mistakes are costly and may cause both emotional and financial difficulty.


Check out some home selling mistakes you can avoid with my help as your real estate agent:


Top Tahoe Truckee Real Estate Agent - Finding the right real estate agent to work with is easy with Tilly Mezger, Tahoe Truckee's top real estate agent.

1. Overpricing


The worst mistake you can do is to price your property too high. 


When you price your house too high, you risk your house sitting on the market. Don't forget that buyers can see your home's features online and if your house is too expensive but it doesn't offer the same features and amenities as the other homes in its price range, it will be overlooked. 


When you hire me as your Realtor®, you can be sure that your house will be priced according to the market value. As an agent for 20 years, I've priced many homes in the Tahoe Truckee area. I will prepare the comparables for you so you have an idea of the right price range of your property.


2. Selling as is


There's nothing wrong with selling your home as-is, if you are the only home for sale in the area. But if you are competing against many other homes that are cleaned and staged, your home doesn't stand a chance!


First impressions matter in real estate. When you hire me as your agent, I will make sure that your house is clean and staged because I know that you will get better results if you put your home's best foot forward.


3. Using unprofessional photographs


When selling your home, what buyers will see for the first time are photos of your house. They will form their first impression based on what they see online. If you make the mistake of posting bad photos, buyers won't even bother looking at your house.


Any agent worth her salt knows that the best way to attract buyers online is to use professional photographs. Professional photographers know how to capture your home in the best light. They know which part of the house to highlight.


4. Hiding problems


There's no such thing as a perfect house. Being dishonest and saying your house is in perfect condition when you know all too well that there is water damage will backfire on you and may even cost you a sale. 


As your real estate agent, I will advise you to repair the problem so it won't cause any further damage. This way, you don't get complaints from the buyer, and you know you are selling are good quality home.



Finding the right real estate agent does not need to be confusing or difficult. With my help, you can have a smooth home selling journey. 


Call me, Tilly Mezger, at 530-545-0587 and request a free market report or home valuation.